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Nation Building

This page is dedicated to building networks in the Somali and Muslim community for the betterment of our nation and in order to come together to co-operate in righteousness. It is specifically for those individuals who wish to dedicate to building Somalia our shattered homeland. As you are well aware we are nearing the end of Ethiopian occupation as our blessed resistance is beginning to bear fruit. So as things continue to develop for the better on the ground its imperative that we get together and form an alliance of networks that defends with the pen and with our education what our martyrs have sacrificed their blood for. If you are a doctor,teacher,engineer,mechanic,scholar Somalia will require your expertise in standing up on its feet again. Readers should set of this new trend in the diaspora to Unite for only in unity will we prosper and froward a brief summary about themselves,their skills and aspiration of nation building as well as contact details so when that last occupying boot leaves you you may be called to serve your nation.If possible please include a picture of yourself all participants will be posted below contact details will not be posted.

Name: Maxamed Deeq Occupation: Journalist/suxufi,student

What role you want to take in the reconstruction of somalia?

I would like to setup a radio station with the intention of unifying all Somalia people who are living in the different parts of Africa,airing programmes that keep them connected. In the reconstruction stage of Somalia i would like to broadcast developments and the reconstruction progressions. I like to use my radio station as hub for connecting the people with their leaders by having weekly interviews and Q & As sessions with ministers and those assigned the task of administrating the affairs of the nation. I would like to use the radio station to air messages of hope to the our brothers in the Ogaden region in order to keep the liberation of Ogadenia. I would Also want to join the army and be a reserve in case i am needed.



1. admin - Oktoobar 8, 2008


I like your blog, its very informative. Keep it up.

U dhaaf Halcelis

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