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How the people of Gaza besieged by the Jewish terrorists bring in food Nofeembar 21, 2008

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The pictures below were taken in Gaza. This is how the people of Gaza bring food into their besieged and impoverished city by Jewish terrorists. This barbaric behavior illustrates to the world how sick and the cowardly are the Jews, who are a menace to society, who are intending to starve people to death. What is even more saddening is that no country in the world is trying to alleviate the pain and suffering of the Gazan people. What are you going to do? Where are those who sing the slogans of freedom, equality and justice. 750,000 people with no food, no medicine, no water, no gas, no petrol and no electricity all this under the watchful eyes of the world.

Israel’s Atrocity 60 Years Ago

An Israeli Army officer named Maltky, who was involved in the Kufru Qasim massacre in 1948, was interviewed by a journalist about his experience and role during the war. Amongst the outcome from the interview was as follows:

Journalist: Do you feel any regret over what you have done?

Maltky: Not at all. In fact the death of an Arab in Israel (Palestine) is a life for the Jews. The death of the Arabs anywhere outside Israel is a life for the entire Jews. What I have done was a duty to our religion and country.

Another high ranking Israeli Army officer who was involved in the massacre was Ghabrail Duhan.

Journalist: How many Arabs have you killed?

Duhan: 13 only.

Journalist: How did you feel the moment you killed them?

Duhan: I felt very thirsty for the Arab blood and I have drunk their blood till I got intoxicated!

Journalist: Are you not deciding to repeat the acts again?

Duhan: Yes definitely, if the circumstances allow!

Note: The Palestine-Israel war in 1948 had killed 2,000 people and thousands others wounded, mostly Palestinians. Because of the war, 750,000 Palestinian citizens had been expelled from their own homeland. The Palestinian land which had been stolen then changed ownership (illegally of course) to become a part of a new country called Israel, which was getting strong supports



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