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Where Christian Zionism came from? Nofeembar 4, 2008

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Subj: Bringing in the sheep…..Jim Dean
Date: 1/2/2002 1:38:48 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Jim W Dean
To: scvemail@yahoogroups.com


This is posted as part of my continuing studies of mass sociopolitical deceptions, of which we have been a victim…to learn how they are done, why they succeed, the methods used, and why it is sodifficult to correct them.

The reason I am putting so much time into this is that the same people are orchestrating the attacks on us…laying in the background, using fronts, as usual…but the methods are standard ‘modus operandi’ of the Lobby.


AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) helps birth the Christian Zionists…’bringing in the sheep’…… by Jim Dean

AIPAC-the American Israel Public Affairs Committee-is now the preeminent power in Washington lobbying…(Jewish Power, J.J. Goldberg, p 13)

I’ve got a Frankenstein story for you today. How, despite good intentions, a monster was created to walk among us.

Over the 2001 year end holidays I bought four of the key books on American Jewish/ Lobby power, all written my Jews who had spent years researching archives and interviewing the many key players.

Today I want to cover some of the story on where Christian Zionism came from, the real behind the scenes reasons for it, and how it has been manipulated to cover a terrible moral tragedy than includes the extermination of Christians in the Holy Land.

Before the invasion of the West Bank and Lebanon, where mass slaughters of civilians took place (20,000 killed in Beirut, primarily due to artillery bombardment) the American Left had been a driving supporter for Israel. They had intermingled for years with Jewish leftist activists in the civil rights battles, support for abortion, eliminating all Christian moral influence from the American civic and educational landscape, the radical feminism movement, gay rights, etc.

According to one AIPAC insider…’The other side is playing up the Palestinian issue as a human rights problem–a concern that touches Americans (but not enough…jd). We want to offset that Israel has been forsaken by the Left (i.e., the Lebanon invasion and atrocities); therefore we’re becoming more ‘neo-conservative.’ We want to broaden Israel’s support to the right–with people who don’t care what is happening on the West Bank (an accurate description of most neo-conservatives) but care a lot about the Soviet Union.’ [The Lobby…by Edward Tivnan, p 181]

‘Then Lobby was also seeking to create a new pro-Israeli coalition with the far right in the U.S. whose commitment to Israel has little to do with the U.S. government’s traditional support of the Jewish state’…[Ibid…p 181]. So, in other words, they were looking to get a rope on the far right, in a way where traditional American national interests would not be a ‘complicating’ factor. This is quite an indictment on the assumed hyper patriotism of the far right. The Lobby people see them as dumb schmucks who can be co-opted with a little smoke and mirrors game.

The key patsies in this ‘far right’ bamboozlement were….’the millions of American Protestant fundamentalists who support Israel as the key to the political–and spiritual–survival of the U.S. [Ibid..p 181]. I will cover in another article how this involves supporting the extermination of the remaining Christians in Palestine, an incredible moral tragedy for the Christians who have supported it.

When he was Prime Minister, Menachem Begin scooped the Christian Zionists by awarding Jerry Falwell–the ‘prestigious’ Jabotinsky Award for service to Israel. I would rename this the ‘Israeli Terrorist/American Traitor’ award. Let’s take a quick look at Brother Jabotinsky, father of the right wing Likud party, which is current PM and Israeli terrorist, Ariel Sharon’s party.

By 1925 Jabotinsky had formally founded the Revisionist movement as a faction within the World Zionist Organization, demanding immediately a Jewish state on both sides of the Jordan in all of Mandate Palestine and urging uncompromising militancy on the still embryonic Zionist organizations.

It was originally Jabotinsky who preached no compromise with the Palestinian Arabs and no partition of Palestine. It was Jabotinsky who insisted that the entire Jewish Diaspora must be liquidated, that the entire Jewish “race” must return to its rightful homeland in Eretz Yisrael….(Bruzonksy…Washington Post, 1980)

And what kind of man was Jabotinsky, that some of America’s top Christian leaders would accept a ‘prestigious’ award in his name? Let’s listen to him:

“Stupid is the person who believes in his neighbor, good and loving as the neighbor may be. Justice exists only for those whose fists and stubbornness make it possible for them to realize it . . . Do not believe anyone, be always on guard, carry your stick always with you — this is the only way of surviving in this wolfish battle of all against all.”

“There is no value in the world higher than the nation and the fatherland,” he wrote.
“Every race possessing a definite uniqueness seeks to become a nation … because only in its own state will it feel comfortable.” You guessed it. He’s a fascist, a Zionist fascist who spawned Zionist fascist terror organizations that live on today. And yes, Brother Falwell would support Jewish supremacy out of one side of his mouth and multiculturalism out of the other. Where would you imagine Southern heritage would fall in this pecking order? Do you think he would accept a Gen. Bedford Forrest award?

Two of Jabotinsky’s most fervent followers went on to gain notoriety as leaders of Zionist terror groups, and, later, as prime ministers of Israel: Menachem Begin, who once headed the Irgun group, and Yitzhak Shamir, who headed the Lehi group (Stern gang). Shamir, for example, played a crucial role in the Lehi murder in November 1944 of British Middle East envoy Lord Moyne, and in the September 1948 assassination of Swedish United Nations peace mediator Count Folke-Bernadotte. Begin’s terror group, the Irgun, blew up the King David Hotel in 1946, killing over a 100 British, Jews and Arabs. Ariel Sharon has continued this Jewish fascist tradition with his massacres at Qibya and the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camp slaughters. Demonstrated ability in Arab civilian killing has always been the path to advancement in Israeli politics.

Jewish terrorism came to America’s shores through the kind offices of the Jewish Defense League, founded in 1968 by Rabbi Meir Kahane. Born Martin David Kahane in 1932 in Brooklyn, New York, he was the first-born son of an orthodox rabbi who was active in the “revisionist” movement of Zionist hard-liner Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Kahane was kind of a handyman traitor, doing odd jobs for anyone he could, including being an FBI informant. Irv Rubin, one the JDL’s current leaders, was arrested last month for planning terror bombings on Arab targets in the U.S., to give them a ‘wake up call’. An Arab Congressman was one of the targets. By the way, Irv Rubin has usually been described as a ‘civil rights activist’ when he has appeared on media, another example of America’s upside down morality where everything is for sale, including religious leaders.

The Jewish Lobby has never been too worried about Christian Zionists using their own moral compasses to figure any of this out. They tend to be an audience that is inclined to vote as its ministers tell it. (‘Power, Glory, and Politics,’ TIME cover on TV preachers, Feb 17th, 1986)

Some of the Lobby Jews were troubled with getting into bed with 30 million evangelical Christians because of their stated goal of conversion of the Jews. (You can be arrested for this in Israel, just like the Taliban did…jd). Noting that these evangelical Christians have been against most of the liberal Jewish sociopolitical agenda, Nathan Perlmutter, the director of the ADL then remarked, “Praise God and pass the ammunition.” (Ibid…p 182) The ammunition, of course, was stupid Christians that could be fired as bullets against the Israeli’s appointed enemies. The highest awards that Hate Jews can get are for co-opting non-Jews to do their dirty work for them.

Lenny Davis, formerly AIPAC’s chief of research, had a pragmatic way of framing this irony. “Sure, these guys give me the heebie-jeebies. But until I see Jesus coming over the hill, I’m in favor of all the friends Israel can get. Let the defense organizations (ADL, AJC) worry about the domestic issues.” ( Ibid…p 182)

What we have displayed here is the old trick of playing both ends against the middle…one group of Jews to ally with this group to get their support, and another Jewish group to fight them. And fight traditional American values they do, as brother Philip Weiss confirms: ‘Weiss details with pride Jewish influence in the civil rights movement, feminism, the media, popular culture, and law and finance. He tops off his
sermonet by arguing that “the greatly diminished influence of the church on public mores wouldn’t have happened without secularized Jews gaining cultural power.” ‘ (Philip Weiss’s “Jews in Bush’s Cabinet? Don’t Hold Your Breath” (New York Observer, December 22, 2001)

So Jerry Falwell, wear your Jabotinsky terrorist medal with pride, but remember. The day will come when you will face the victims of your Zionist buddies, Jabotinsky, Begin, Shamir, and Sharon…and I don’t think they are going to buy it. Your Christian Zionist followers aren’t going to by it either, when they learn the truth. You have disgraced your God, your country, and you followers. May God have mercy on your soul.

And if you would allow me….may I present you something more suitable, the ‘Taliban John’ award, for distinguished service in the destruction of the Holy Land Christians, traditional American values, and the denigration of American Christianity.

Jim Dean
Heritage TV



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