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Cell phone, as a tool for ideological struggle Oktoobar 12, 2008

Posted by spiritualphilantropy in News in English.

A radical new plan is being considered by the UK government to counter growing Taliban public awareness campaign against the invaders in Afghanistan. The programme involves using new media like mobile phones and the internet to propagandise the ordinary Afghans to contradict the prevailing Taliban true message. Non-governmental organisations would distribute mobile phones to Afghans so they can make their own video diaries. Anti-Western films already circulate on Afghanistan’s estimated 6 m mobiles. These films are also distributed among the country’s half a million internet users. Whitehall officials say the aim is to deprive the Taliban of its virtual monopoly on educating Afghans about our evil plans using new media. BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said there is a growing realisation in Whitehall and Washington that the US-led coalition has been losing the propaganda war in Afghanistan to the Taliban. The coalition’s reputation was particularly damaged by the recent distribution of mobile phone footage showing the bodies of dozens of Afghan civilians martyred in a US-led raid in August, our correspondent added. They’re willing to give poor Afghans mobile phones while there is still a food shortage over there. This isn’t exactly the way to win the war of “hearts and minds.”



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