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Uganadan Mercenries continue their duty of shelling Bakarh market Oktoobar 2, 2008

Posted by muhameddeeq in Commentary & Reports, News in English.

Ugandan troops shelled Bakarah market yet again killing some ten people and injuring dozens of others. This targeting of bakarah market by the Ugandans carrying out bushes dirty work is another clear example of the quite genocide taking place in Somali perputrated by the Christians who have united under George Bushes Crusade. The Ugandans have being shelleing Bakarah market nakedly since The Muslim youth movement AKA Alshabaab sanctioned Aden airport which was a major income source for the ethiopans occuppiers. Its also serves as a base for the Ugandans amongst other things where their military supplies land. That has been cut off now by the latest maneuver of Alshabaab with the Ethiopians and Ugandans facing possible extinction from Somalia at this rate they have been taking it out on the masses attempting to destroy Barakh markets role as a financial hub since their income generating airport was cordoned off. As usual nothing will be mentioned in the mainstream media at best “further clashes in Mogadishu” hiding the reality. The Immunity Washington has given to its proxy armies in Somalia from the mainstream media has not gone unnoticed and it was the primary reason Somalis were demonstrating today in the shabelle ditsrict against the presence of these savage Mercenaries of the white house.



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