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Out cast celebrates EID one day late and recognizes Abkhazia- S.Ossetia before attempting to migrate to Nairobi with his life support machine Oktoobar 2, 2008

Posted by spiritualphilantropy in Commentary & Reports, News in English, Wararkii u dambeeyay.

Ill fated and cold blooded murderer Abdullahi Yusuf celebrated Eid yesterday with his TFG militia before he was heard on the airwaves pronouncing war on the so called pirates who have seized a Ukrainian vessel carrying military hardware. Other reports indicate that warlord yusuf was set to be relocated to Nairobi yesterday but the Muslim youth movement shelled the Aden airport causing the pilot to flee for his life without picking up the TFG stooges. IGAD summoned the TFG to an extraordinary metting in Kenya following the UN meting at New York which Yusuf was unable to attend after Alshabaab closed Aden Cade Airport. Its believed that IGADs summoning of the the head of the TFG and all parliament members is a move to relocate them temporarily as the resistance moves in on Baido and Villa Somalia the TFGs remaining hide outs. There have been a lot of conflicting reports some suggesting the resistance will wait until Ethiopian withdrawal before wrestling back the capital others saying they will move in before. In an case there is a lot of headaches for the US and its mercenaries, not least the blockade of Aden Cade by Alshabaab which is hampering the awaited deployment of 1600 Ugandan troops this month and the growing offensives on the so called peace keepers. Not for getting to mention the new Islamic administration in Kismayo which has brought peace and stability hard for Washington to now convince us that the Islamists are against law and order. Looks like more Woes for Bushes Crusade. Whats certain however is that Ethiopia can no longer maintain its presence with rifts widening between the TFG and its Financiers. The TFG inceasd that rift in a move that must earn the comedy act of the year when they recognized Abkhazia and S.Ossetia. The battered bruised stooges whose administration has been leveled by the resistance without one functioning department in the country and not a single office wants to go and recognize Abkhazia while it is not recognized by the majority of the Somalian people. Its worth mentioning that is is looked down upon by both those who espouse the theory of Pan -Islam and nationalists Somalis so its not just a minority that despises the warlord and co. For sure now the TFG has bitten more than it can chew,It has bitten the hand that feeds it and Washington is sure to take sum concrete steps against this latest development which has seen its Stooges holding the Veto card recognizing Abkhazia from the trench of its arch rival Russia. stay tuned for any updates.



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