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NEWS:::Shaykh Abu mansoor offers his condolences regarding the victims who died due to shelling, hoping they are martyres Seteembar 28, 2008

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In a press conference held by the spokesman of the mujaahideen of Ash-shabaab Shaykh Mokhtaar Roobow Ali, he spoke about several issues mostly regarding the current situation in the country, especially the capital city Mogadishu.

The spokesman firstly, sent his condolences to the families of civilians who were martyred by enemy bombardment of bakaara market yesterday night and today, emphasizing that those families should beseech Allah (swt) to reward them Jannah.

Similarly the shaykh explained, the damage inflicted by the enemies upon the people, will not be one that the mujaahideen will turn a blind eye to, and (the mujaahideen) are promising to take revenge and exact pain on them, similar to that meted out upon the Muslim population who are engaged in worship in the blessed month of ramadaan.

Equally when he was asked about the closure of the Mogadishu airport, he answered, the reason they have closed it down are clearly stated in their release, and will lift off the blockade once the mujaahideen take over the country, until then the blockade will remain whilst Gen.gabre and siblings of same mother stay(in Somalia).

“there are many people with weak mentality who say, whist enemy is using it (for their gain),still the interests of the nation is in it” he (the shaykh) asked journalists, “is there any injured person flew from the airport without months of bribery or arrest ,let alone a healthy person?” for that reason the people will find a time of peace better than the humiliation of the enemy.

When speaking about the campaign announced earlier named “no salaam (peace) without Islaam, he made clear (campaign) is at a good stage and its coming to its end since there are 10 and odd days left, and the enemy whilst (the campaign) progressing was shown great pain similar to the one inflicted on the people, whilst the remainder of it will concentrate on seeking revenge for the martyred people due to the shelling that took place in Mogadishu.

The press conference held by the spokesman of ash-shabaab al mujaahideen, coincides at a time when the enemy massacred innocent civilians after, the mujaahideen of ash-shabaab in consecutive raids , attacked the enemy especially the so called “AMISOM”which was inflicted with heavy losses, with latest assaults taking place last night and this morning on their bases in Mogadishu.

Source: http://abushabaab.wordpress.com/



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