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Qaadisiya launches full scale propaganda offensive on the Shabaab Seteembar 27, 2008

Posted by muhameddeeq in Maqaalada iyo Muuqaalka, News in English.

Readers of qaadisiya have been bombarded with anti Al-shabaab articles lately. We are all aware that qaadsiya is mouthpiece for ICU remnants and the two ARS wings and that these groups are opposed to the methodologies of the Shabaab. However qaadisya is taking that differing and using it as opportunity to launch a propaganda attack on the shaaab with the aim of turning the Diaspora against them. The latest anti- Al-shabaab sentiments have being feeding of the shaabs sanctioning of Aden Cade airport which was a life line for the occupiers. Qaadisiya says the Shabaab are acting according to their own agendas,without wisdom and that the Somali people ned to recognize the real enemy. This might come as a surprise to many Somalia’s who have stood side by side with the different Mujahideen groups of somali despite their differences and who expect the journalist to do the same. However Qaadisya has taken it upon its self to turn the Diaspora against the Shabaab they posted an article earlier in the year titled (Who are the Shabaab) questioning their wisdom and manipulating public opinion by:

Making out Shiekh Fuad to be a tribalist protecting Morgan
Twisting the words of shiekh Abu Mansur
Stating that the shabaab know nothing about jihad other than posting videos on the Internet
That the Shabaab are glory hunters who claim all the attacks on the occupiers

Ever since the Islamic youth movement AKA Al-Shabaab closed down Aden Ade airport remnant members of the ICU and ARS have attacked the Shabaab on this Issue although its a a base for the enemy and not one other person spoke about it whether it be the hospital doctors,or the people at large. ICU claims it is against the move because its effecting the service of the population. Even thou its a service for the Ethiopians and AMISOM to receive arms to kill those same people they are apparently care so much about. Investigating the issue further reveals there is some insincerity. We are aware that that the airport has seen the Ugandans continue to attempt to use it,Nur Adee has landed their with out being shelled(for legitimate reasons). The occupiers have shown great frustration especially how the are gong to deploy the 1600 strong Ugandan troops due to arrive this month to replace the current battalion. Abdullahi yusuf was unable to attend the UN meeting in New York which led IGAD to summon the TFG to Nairobi in this deteriorating security for the TFG. However Qadaaisysa has attempted to portray it in way that the airport closure is unsuccessful and the enemy uses it as he wishes although the Ugandans have continued to attempt to use it their supplies planes take of as soon as they land because of the intensity of the shelling. Also we can say that no commercial airlines land at the airport which means that Gbare has no income to fund his white house backed genocide! The ugandans have lost their supply route and not one Ethiopians plane has landed there. So how can it be said the enemy continues the airport as he wishes! On top of that Kismayo,Jowhar and Beldeweyne are all now open for the population to use. This out right lie shows us that there is a lack of sincerity on the ICU side in regards to this issue . AS for the ARS I don’t believe their is not point even mentioning there position as one is under the boots of the Eritrean Tigress and the others are now carrying out the Washington’s awakening project in Somalia. Its worth mentioning the media has played an important instrument in exposing the hidden agendas and in destroying these baseless lies. For example Qaadisya wrote on the first day a Ugandan plane landed after the sanction of Aden Ade that the plane had landed safely and taken of safely after the enemy unloaded its supplies from it. A video the Shabaab released a few days later clearly showed that the plane was bombarded and it took of straight away without unloading anything. Its one thing if they ICU had merely disagreed with the closure of the airport but we begin to question their sincerity when they deny the goals achieved and belittle the success of the Shabaab. If they are truly sincere in regards to it they did they not contact the Shabaab? Why did they announce their disagreement on the airwaves? . Its worth mentioning that the group in question ICU is not intact and has many different spokespersons and their leaders are exiled overseas. This why Shiekh Muday agreed with the shabaab and told Isa Cadow not to propagate his personal opinion on the air waves. Why then did Isa Cadow speak at least twice on this Issue when JABISO another organisation battling the occupiers kept silent?

Its thought tribal and the Djabuti agreements influence is behind Qaadisya’s naked attack on Alshaab. The US has stated recently they will use so called moderates to fight the Mujahideen. It’s thought the US is aiming to do this through defaming the Shabaab in the media and paying huge sums to the ARS Djabuti to hire tribal militias to fight the Shabaab. Shiekh hasan turki stated that he was approached to take part in this programme but refused(1). Washington is conducting what they say is a repeat of success in Iraq which involved using criminal tribal elders and tribal militia to battle the Iraqi Mujahideen. The Awakening council as it was known has been able to hit the Mujahideen from where the US military could not. It was a last ditch attempt by Washington to save face and their military in Iraq although they were able to set back the jihad in Iraq nevertheless the unholy alliance is beginning to falter and the awakening members are running for their lives as the USpulls out Iraqi provinces 11 out of 18 so far. This programme has seen in gear one for some time now in Somalia despite individuals like sharif ahmed to accelerate it. Its important for Washington to win the media battle against the Shabaab and they must be gleeing now that Qaadisya is doing their dirty work. The mujahideen are known to keep an eye on the different struggle in the Muslim world and learn from them which is exactly what they are doing with the US Iraq project. We warn all our readers against the propaganda of the US and ARS Djabuti. We remind our readers to be steadfast if we see people who were on the same side as us shooting at us from the trenches of Ethiopia. Occupiers always play the divide and conquer rule when they fail military. They know that amongst any resistance their will always be opportunistic individuals and they seek to literally recruit them,have them share power with whatever puppet government they have installed and then all together turn their guns on the sincere members of the Mujahideen.

1:Sh Xassan turki speaking about the ARS bribing



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