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Shiekh Hasan Turki clears up misunderstanding Seteembar 26, 2008

Posted by spiritualphilantropy in News in English.

Shiekh Abdallah Hasan Turki elder of somalias Mujahideen gave a telephone interview to Mugdishu based news stations today stating that the words of shiekh Muhamed mahmood who was heard on the airwaves on Wednesday night saying that the ICU no longer existed were misinterpreted. Shiekh Mahmoods infuriated ICU remnant leaders such as Isa Cadow and Inda Cade who were quick to react with “the ICU is intact if he has left the ICU then he should keep it at that”. Mr Mahmood with his group of Mujahideen from Rakamboni once part of the ICU led an offensive on the Ugandan Mercenaries. In an interview following the battle he told reporters that it was the Mujahideen from Raskmboni(who come under shiek Turki) who enterd Mugdishu and carried out the offensive. When asked about whether he belonged to the ICU he stated that the ICU no longer existed and had fallen apart after their leaders took part in the Djabuti plot and the rest were stranded in Asmara. Commenting on those words that caused some controversy today Shiekh Hasan said that it was understood wrongly and what the Shiekh meant was that the ones who had abandoned Jihad were finished(their careers) but the ICU was intact.” Iam saying that the ICU is still intact but its the ones who have abandoned jihad and the liberation struggle who have become dis-banded.”
The shiekh also emphasized at the same time that we could not turn a blind to the fact that the two leaders of the ICU(aweys and Sharif) have separated. The shiekh said that it was the so called International Community that was behind it “Iraq and Afghanistan was destroyed with moneythe ICU is being broken up with money and alot of money is being spent in order to further divide them” hes said that the IC was dividing them with terms such as moderate and radical. The shiekh ended with by saying hes was now trying to reconcile and unify the Mujahideen”I should have done it a long time ago but the kismayo issue came up,thats coming to an end now and as it soon it finishes i will start reconciliation in what ever secure location we can find” he said that it was the ICU the Shabaab and The Somali Islamic guerrilla who he was going to reconcile. This will go hand in hand with the efforts of the Shabaab in bringing al the Somali mujahideen and the migrant Mujahideen under one banner under the soon to be announced Islamic Emirate of Somalia possibly resembling the Islamic State of Iraq.



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