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American embassy suspends visa service in Pakistan Seteembar 26, 2008

Posted by spiritualphilantropy in News in English.

The US embassy in Pakistan has suspended its visa service in Pakistan for an indefinite period yesterday (Thursday). Spokesperson of US embassy in Islamabad confirmed visa service has been suspended for an indefinite period. This is thought to be because of the recent bombings at the Marriott hotel in Islamabad which was used by US diplomats,embassy staff,US military and security personnel as well as other foreigners. Pakistan has become a save heaven for western governments to do as they please from rendition,torture chambers and illegal imprisonment as well as military incursions from Afghanistan which has killed innocent Pakistanis far more than Alqaeda operatives at ratio of something like 50:1. Their presence has angered many Pakistanis but it is not known whether this latest attack will make the US rethink its policies in Pakistan.



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