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The strategy of “Pretending to be dead” or “Faking death” Seteembar 19, 2008

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The strategy of
“Pretending to be dead”
or “Faking death”
(Translated by Um Saad)

A man from those who I trust narrated to me that once while he was traveling on a highway, he hit a bird unintentionally with his car. He stopped and immediately hurried to see whether perhaps he could save the bird if it was still alive. He picked it up in his hands and was moved with guilt for having killed such a beautiful bird.

Then he thought to put the bird on the engine of the car hoping that perhaps the heat might relieve it in the cold weather, but as soon as he loosened his grip off the bird, it flew away as if nothing had happened!!

Many of us know of such stories and the likes and there is no trick greater than the trick of pretending to be dead which seem to be one of the very common ways of protection and survival of several living things that Allah the Almighty has created. In every case, it does not require new counterparts, nor high skills or extra power.

In fact, its main component might be to stop the energy of the body for a while. And it is successful in deceiving the enemy and effective in escaping from him. It gives the impression (to the enemy) that the opponent is finished and thus there is no need to continue the attack.

And if it (the enemy) doesn’t (stop the attack), then at least its spares will reduce and its security will lighten, and if it doesn’t then at the very least its inspiration will recede and its will to attack will die, and if it doesn’t then at the very, very least, its soldiers unity will dissolve and opinions will differ after they fall in difference concerning the survival or definite death of their enemy. And there is nothing more devastating to the spirit of the army than suspicion.

There are still suspicions concerning the truth about the death of Hitler, did he really commit suicide?

Or did he simply disappear after having deceived everyone with the strategy of “Pretending to be dead”?

They found a body they thought belonged to Hitler, though the results did not prove the body that was found really belonged to Hitler! And the allied forces did not find the need to spend any effort to investigate his death or disappearance for it would only spoil the happiness of victory, and he, whether he was dead or disappeared was actually finished from the political map of the world. And thus the secret of Hitler remained hidden between death and disappearance even if both the matters led to the same conclusion.

The strategy of appearing to be dead is that you make your enemy feel that you have lost the battle or you are finished or dead making him reduce the pressure on you or ignore you and drop his guard against you or even to the point of forgetting you, and that is the best chance to attack the enemy, for you wont be attacking an enemy who stands waiting for your attack!!

The successful attack is the one that occurs at a place where the enemy does not expect it in relation to place and time and from this very context, this strategy is very effective in attack, in spite of the fact that it is actually a strategy of defense and resistance.

“Pretending to be dead” requires of you to-

Stop the operations for some time
Change your position
Change your plans and timings
Let the enemy gain some booty

And all this might require of you to disappear actually from the media, political and military scene, on the condition that it is only temporary.

Attack and escape

All of us are aware of the expression “Attack and escape”. It is an old military strategy known to Arabs since the pre- Islamic times; it means attacking and then pretending to run to deceive the enemy and draw him to the center of the battle or to where the ambush is set for it, and the Qur’an has permitted it as one of the times of showing the back to the enemy.

“If any do turn his back to them on such a day-Unless it be in a stratagem of war, or to retreat to a troop (of his own)-…” (Surah Anfal, Verse 16)

And escape, or pretending to escape from the battlefield is one of the forms of “Pretending to be dead.”

The Sleeping sections

Khalid bin Al Waleed and 50 of his disbelieving knights were standing on the edge of the mountain in the battle of Uhud. There was no distance between them and the mountain on which they were standing due to freezing and lack of activity; they were in a state of “Pretending to be dead.”

But as soon as the opportunity arose and some of the Muslims disobeyed the order of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and they neglected Khalid and the danger that was hidden behind his inactivity, spirit poured into Khalid and his knights and they turned from the condition of frozen pretence to flowing sand and absolute power. The balance of the battle turned upside down, with a small power but with great experience, and that is the method behind the sleeping section, which is one of the advanced forms of the strategy of “Pretending to be dead”. For the sleeping sections are like power storehouses that do not work except when they are ordered to or when they move themselves automatically when the conditions of moving are fulfilled.

Benefits of pretending to be dead

When the enemy thinks that you are dead, then he will-

1- Reduce his charge at you
2- Drop his guard and security
3- Open up several holes that it had closed in fear of you
4- Release the front that it had set up to fight you

And all this will help you in

1- Open the door for you to improve your step and strengthen your front
2- More freedom in movement
3- Greater opportunity to penetrate into your enemy
4- Provide you the opportunity of gaining the support of many who were not formerly supporting you, led by the human psychological impulse of sympathizing with the dead and remembering their good deeds and forgetting their bad ones
5- It changes several of its instances that had formerly taken a decisive stand under the impact of personal motive and not mental analysis

How many of us are aware of how the people used to criticize Shaykh Abu Mus’ab and hope for him to be disgraced, but as soon as he rose to his Lord as a martyr, we hold him so, all criticism disappeared, and we hear not except of goodness about Shaykh Zarqawi even from the bitterest of his enemies.

Now, lets just imagine that Shaykh Zarqawi didn’t really die and that his death was only a deception that worked on the Americans and their puppets, and that he still is leading the organization by himself, and that the video in which he appeared prior to being targeted was only a tackle from the tackling and tricks of the genius of the organization to attack the base of the intelligence of the enemy and to misguide their information, as he was capable of convincing them that the one who “appeared” in the tape was actually Shaykh Zarqawi.

And then when they succeeded in targeting him in the area of Habhab coincidently, and found that one of those was the one who appeared in the video they became sure that it was Zarqawi himself and did not doubt his personality, with the knowledge that the one they actually targeted was Abu ‘Abdur Rahman Al ‘Iraqi (Abu Aminah) and Zarqawi wasn’t the one targeted actually, but it was through the decree of Allah.

So if this is what would have happened actually, and the whole matter was just the deception of “Pretending to be dead”, then this matter would have allowed Shaykh Zarqawi to work with greater freedom, and would have reduced drastically several media, political and intelligence pressures that were directed towards him. In fact it would even have given him the chance of going to Jordan and coming out of it with all ease. Lets imagine that this is exactly what had happened, then we would today be living the greatest implementation of the deception of “Pretending to be dead”, and the American intelligence would be presenting today its papers of resignation in front of this great intelligence failure.

But in spite of everything, this deception is full of dangers and is hindered by several red lines and is not employed except in great, accurately detailed, safe to implement and complicated planning, or in dire situations where there is no way except to use them.

Do you know that the brothers had released a lot of fake news about Shaykh Zarqawi to cover on his movements? Instead, do you know that many people thought that Zarqawi had an amputated leg? And do you know that there are pictures of Shaykh Zarqawi in places he never visited but the brothers released them in order to misguide the enemy?

Personally I used to think that the situation of “Non-Existence” in relation to the presence of Zarqawi from the very base, was very useful to the Shaykh with regards to his movements and residence, and the “Non-Existence” is one of the forms that the trick of “Pretending to be dead” employs, to deceive the enemy and make him a little relaxed.

There has to be a price

The lizard follows the strategy of “Pretending to be dead” in an amazing manner, for it gives the impression that it is dead through getting rid of some part of his body like its tail specifically, for as soon as you attack the lizard, even if you do not hit it, it will soon separate its tail from its body, leaving his tail for you while he hides so that you think that you have injured it fatally, but when you go in to search the rest of the body, it escapes by that time after having found an opening, apparently making fun of you!

It lets you move the stick with which you hit it so that you might find something with which you can prove to yourself and those around you that you have really killed it.

Some situations in the strategy of “Pretending to be dead” might require making some concessions or some sacrifices of some gains, like giving up a land or accepting that the enemy declares its victory, in the hope that the declaration is only temporary, in wait for directing the decisive attack to it which will make it forget its falsely declared victory.

When the Americans occupied Afghanistan, they were happy about their victory over Taliban, and they declared having destroyed Al-Qaa’idah, and Al-Qaa’idah and Taliban remained in a pretense act of sleep and internal activity inside Afghanistan for almost 3 years. They employed the strategy of “Pretending to be dead” in a very effective manner, and that opportunity enabled them to unite the ranks and purify their fronts and stretch their lines to encompass the whole country, until when it was time to awaken, they woke with their entire force, which frightened the enemy and made it live a state of disappointment and frustration and deadly failure, for the feeling of failure is greater than the feeling of the one who has declared that his enemy has been finished, then discovers that his enemy is still alive and in a perfect state!

Who is the one who leaked the information about the death of Shaykh Usaamah, a year earlier to the French news agency?

Was it Al-Qaa’idah itself who spread the news?
Or was it the American intelligence agency?

In both the cases there was cunning and planning behind it, for if it was Al-Qaa’idah who spread the news then it meant reducing the pressure from Shaykh Usaamah and to let him move with greater freedom. As for if it was from the intelligence of the enemy, then it wanted to force the Shaykh to come out in the open in a statement to deny the news, so that they might extract from that appearance something that would lead them to him, or maybe they aimed at disheartening the supporters of Al-Qaa’idah through that, and raise the spirit of the Americans who had failed in their pursuit of the Shaykh after America had reached a point of collapse.

And if it was this that they wanted, then it was one of their apparent mistakes and shows truly the level of their fatal stupidity!!

Because the spread of such rumors has made them lose a lot of their credibility that is the spine of their media war which if they lose, they will lose their media war. And this is exactly what happened for no one believes any longer what the world news agencies speak, transferred by the Americans, until the news is affirmed from the side of the Mujahideen themselves. So the news that spread lately about the injury of Shaykh Zawahiri, which the news agencies transferred the news with a lot of reservations that are not hidden from those who watch them, and the appearance of Shaykh Zawahiri recently in an address to the Pakistani people, was a severe blow to the media of the enemy that toppled the last strongholds of their credibility.

Finishing Al-Qaa’idah

It’s been a while since the enemy is repeating that it has finally succeeded in finishing Al-Qaa’idah in Iraq in spite of the fact that we have heard it saying so for the past 5 years! And in spite of the fact that the number of explosions that used to be heard in Baghdad has actually reduced, and in spite of the fact that the number of civilian deaths (according to the enemy sources) has actually reduced, and in spite of the fact that we know the reason of the reduction in the explosions is due to plenty of the sons of national resistance leaving their resistance and not the death of Al-Qaa’idah, and in spite of the fact that the number of reduction in the death of civilians owes to the extinction of the Jaish Al-Mahdi, and not to the weakness of Al-Qaa’idah in reaching their targets from the puppets, except that we can employ the chance of the enemy being overwhelmed with its acclaimed pretended victory and as a consequence its reduction of check posts and hindrances, and reduction in wariness from what we are planning for it, to plunge on it with unique and shaking attacks that will make it forget even the dreams of the end of Al-Qaa’idah, and this is exactly what happened in several of the last incidents: the death of Abu Risha came after the enemy thought that Al-Qaa’idah had vanished from Anbar, the death of the leaders of apostasy from the awakening squads came after those Shayateen declared that they had killed the Angels, the last explosions in various parts of Iraq could never have come off that easily, and in this organized way, if the enemy would have not thought that it has killed Al-Qaa’idah really. And this provided the freedom of movement and performance and withdrawal that was unprecedented.

And as we still hear some of the leaders of the American enemy who warn against spreading out too much about the death of Al-Qaa’idah in Iraq or hastiness in declaring victory, then these warnings carry a lot of truth and show that the leadership of the American army is smarter than its former in the days of stupid Rumsfeld and so we should face it in a different way than its former, except that they are still placing themselves in an embarrassing situation –

For if Al Qaeda did not die after all these years and these losses in the lives of the American people and its money (are increasing), then when will it die? And when will the promised victory be achieved? And if Al-Qaa’idah has really died then who is it who is performing these explosions that target us from one point to another and is claimed by Al-Qaa’idah?

And this is the same situation faced by the leaders of Jihad, for if they continue with the strategy of “Pretending to be dead” then in spite of all the positive battle ground points, it will give the enemy the chance of declaring victory even if it is only temporary and that is a point in the favor of the enemy we do not want it to gain.

On the other hand if they do not follow the strategy of “Pretending to be dead” then they will lose a lot of their chances of surprise, deception, ease in battlefield transportation, and they will lose the opportunity of attacking several precious targets! Especially after the check posts and Concrete walls and security posts have increased.

The only way to reduce the security and check points is in two cases:

1. That these points continue to increase for such a long time that they would hinder the normal life of the civilians until they become points of indignation for the occupying enemy and its puppets that would make them reduce it.

2. Or to let the enemy feel some degree of security so that it reduces its guard and this is a part of the strategy of “Pretending to be dead.”


In the Symbolic war, the strategy of “Pretending to be dead” is avoided for it gives temporary gain in the favor of the enemy.

In the actual war, the strategy of “Pretending to be dead” is largely relied upon, because it gives greater freedom for the fieldwork.

In the Symbolic war, temporary disappearance from the battlefield means running away from the battle.

In the actual war, temporary disappearance from the battlefield means attack and escape.

Your brother,
Poor unto Allah
Abdur Rahman Al Faqeer

[Taken from: The Real war and the Symbolic war, Part 13]



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