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The 10 primary Stockholders Seteembar 19, 2008

Posted by spiritualphilantropy in World economy.

The 10 primary Stockholders In the federal Reserve System are:

1) The Rothschild’s of London

2) The Rothschild’s of Berlin

3) The Lazard Brothers of Paris

4) Israel Seiff of Italy

5) Kuhn-Loeb Company of Germany

6) The Warburg’s of Amsterdam

7) The Warburg’s of Hamburg

8) Lehman Brothers of New York

9) Goldman & Sachs New York

10) The Rockefellers of New York

And do you know what the 10 primary Stockholders have in common, they are all Jews, all the Prophets of Allaah have forbidden Interest, cause interest concentrates wealth in the hands of few, while the masses become salves.



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