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Identifying Government Scholars and Clarifying Their Purpose Seteembar 18, 2008

Posted by spiritualphilantropy in Commentary & Reports.

They are the body established by the rulers containing the top scholars of the country, made and sponsored by him, to justify the following:

1. His authority over the country and its people, even though he legislates against what Allah has revealed, which is a clear kufr, under the Islamic Sharia. This nullifies his position as a leader of Muslims.

2. Cloaking him with qualities and titles, which deceive the Muslims and hinder them from fulfilling their obligations to Allah to keep the Sharia intact.

3. Calling those who challenge his authority after he commits such crimes as khawaarij and disobedient to the amir of the Muslims, i.e. him.

4. Then they approve the killing and torture of those righteous Muslims who demand adherence to Allah’s Law, whom they deceitfully defined as Khawaarij.

5. Although they might match Islamic Law most of the time, in the particulars, their main function is to screen the leader from being harmed, challenged or ultimately removed. (Allahs Governance on Earth)

Few Statements from Past ‘Ulama

Imaam Muhammad al Qurtubi:
“The ‘Ulama have said, ‘One who is an Imaam for an oppressive ruler, prayer is not to be made behind him unless he reveals his excuse or reason why (he is an imaam for the oppressive ruler) or he repents from it.” (Jaami’ ul Ahkaam ul Fiqhiyyah Vol 2)

Imaam Ibn Taymiyyahs Verdict on Such Individuals:
“Whenever the ‘aalim follows the judgment of the ruler, and leaves off his knowledge, in contradiction to the Book of Allah and the Sunna of His Messenger, he is a kaafir (an unbeliever) and a murtadd (an apostate), who deserves to be punished in this life and the Hereafter. This rule can also be applied with regard to the group of scholars who jumped and joined the Mongols due to fear of them and that they wanted to take benefit from them. These scholars made the excuse that some of the Mongols were speaking the Shahaada (testimony of faith) and that they were Muslims.” (Majmu’a Fataawa Vol. 35)

COMMENT: Replace the Mongols and the scholars of the past with our current regimes and scholars that rule over Muslim lands (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Algeria etc.)




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