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Todays news in summary Seteembar 16, 2008

Posted by spiritualphilantropy in News in English.


Al-shabaabs decision to sanction Mogdishus airport came into to full swing last night with no planes landing or taking of from their this morning. The TFG replied by “warning” all companies that use the airport from acting on Al-shabaabs orders. This is major blow for the foreign aid dependent TFG undermining it greatly with the companies following Al-shabaabs orders.

Ethiopian troops on their way in to the capital were hit with two IEDS with some 16 soldiers said to have died in that attack. This convoy which had left baido last week was attacked numerous time on their way to capital.


Remnants of the Islamic courts captured the karan police station their spokesman Abdi Rahim Isa Adow said “the courts were successful in this afternoons attack we thank god for that,the people of this area had many problems with criminal Abdullahi Rooble” referring to the districts governor.

In baido Al-shabaabs explosives squad targeted the man Ethiopia named the city’s deputy police chief he escaped the blast which killed two of his bodyguards and injured a few others.

KM-4 where the African union troops are stationed was attacked by Al-shabaab fighters,the battle was raging for some time with no casualties being reported so far. The African union troops have been on the receiving end of several blows from Al-shabaab in past few days with those attacks likely to increase in the Ramadan offensive.


Al-Shabaab forces heavily shelled the Aslubta military base of the Ethiopian army,fighters used mortars and rockets to attack the base.Ethiopians troops replied by shelling local neighbourhoods. This comes after a convoy of Ethiopians and their dependent TFG soldiers reached the base today after having been ambushed some five times on their way from baido. In other developments Al-shabaab forces also attacked the defence ministry,no casualties were reported although the intensity of the fighting suggests there was.



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